If you are looking for a unique, no-risk fundraiser, then Sport Squares® is your answer. We offer various types of fundraising programs to meet the needs of any organization. All of our products are 100% fat-free, sugar-free, and guaranteed to generate revenue while providing endless entertainment to all.

Traditional fundraising uses Sport Squares® “in stock” puzzles:

  • Tell us how many team members will be participating in your fundraiser.
  • Distribute sample puzzles and order forms to each team member. Take orders as long as you like, there is no set time limit.
  • When finished, total your order forms then contact us with your completed order. Your proceeds are based on the number of puzzles sold:
    – 1-99 puzzles score you 40% of all sales.
    – 100-499 puzzles score you 45% of all sales.
    –  500-999 puzzles score you 50% of all sales.
    –  1000 or more score you 55% of all sales.
  • Each team member who sell 10 or more puzzles receives a free one from us!

Customized fundraising uses Sport Squares® designed specifically for your organization:

  • We will design you a custom built Sport Squares® puzzle using the images, text, and color scheme of your choice.
  • You will also receive customized packaging which includes a 4”x 5” advertising space (250-300 words) to further advertise and promote your organization.
  • You determine the selling price of your customized Sport Squares®
  • There is a minimum order of 500 for customized puzzles. Pricing varies with quantity.

Mobile app fundraising uses the Sport Squares® Mobile Phone App:

  • We will design you two custom built Sport Squares® puzzles using the images, text, and color scheme of your choice. One puzzle is for the beginners level , the other is for the Pro level.
  • Your customized game is then installed into the Sport Squares® Mobile Phone App. It is accessed as an “in app” purchase.
  • Pricing and proceeds to be determined as various options/plans are available.
Sport Squares