There's a new game in town
. . . want to play?

Do you need a new fundraiser to help your community?  Are you looking for a new innovative marketing /advertising tool? What about an all-in-one product that does both?  If so, then Sport Squares® are your answer!

Sport Squares® are intriguing puzzles that are fun and challenging to people of all ages. They can be played solo or in teams, and will provide endless entertainment for everyone. Now available as both physical board games/puzzles as well as digitally in the Sport Squares®  Mobile Phone App.

To play: each puzzle consists of nine squares that are joined to form one large square. Then rearrange and rotate pieces until all of the adjoining sides have matching images. Sounds easy…….. good luck and have fun!

  • Our fundraising program is risk free; there is no minimum order, and no money due up front. The “in stock” puzzles provide an excellent source for traditional fundraising, with proceeds starting at 40% and increasing with the number of sales. Additionally, we can customize Sport Squares® using the images, text, and color scheme of your school, team, or other organization.
  • Looking for an eye-catching marketing and advertising campaign for your business? Customize Sport Squares® using the logos and slogans of your company to create an unforgettable “calling card” that people just can’t put down.
  • You can now generate revenue while keenly promoting your organization simultaneously with the Sport Squares® Mobile Phone App. This innovative concept procures near effortless fundraising while unlocking a “digital portal” able to reach people worldwide, 24 hours a day!
Sport Squares